Who We Are

Our Story

Growing up in Alaska in the 1960’s, cheese was a box of Velveeta and the best fruit came out of a can. Years later, when tasting “real” cheese for the first time (an imported French Roquefort), I had one of those heavenly moments of awakening. The experience was akin to the first time I tasted a piece of perfectly ripe fruit plucked from a tree—it was decadent, mouthwatering and extraordinarily sublime.

From that moment on, whenever I traveled I made it a point to visit cheese shops. That was the problem: I had to travel to get great cheese. Driven by indulgent self-interest (and the hope that other Alaskan’s liked artisan cheese too) Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese was born.

Helen Howarth, Owner

Our Philosophy

The first time I visited a cheese shop, I was intimidated. There were hundreds of cheeses in the cases and I only knew the words “cheddar” and “blue”.  I was quickly made at ease by the folks behind the counter who took great delight in introducing me to their favorites.

We want you to have that same experience. Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese is a place to taste, explore and learn.  It is a place for kids and adults, cheese novices and experts alike. Every person behind the counter is happy to share their knowledge and passion for cheese with you, offering tastes of our products and tidbits of information to ensure you find your own cheese-nirvana.

What's in a name?

Where did the word “Fromagio’s” come from? It is a merger of the French (fromage) and Italian (formaggio) words for cheese. It is the made-up moniker of our shop’s mascot, a cheese-loving mouse who, like us, wanted access to great cheese and revels in the selection now available in Anchorage.

Our Cheese Mongers

Ian Albin-Brooks

Justin Butcher

Helen Howarth

Shop Alumni

Justin Z, Morgan, Andrea, Will, Chad, Connor, Pat, Sam