We select small batch, unique cheeses to fill our cases and are dedicated to supporting makers who practice sustainable dairy farming and the preservation of cheese making traditions. 

We search out classic European cheeses and as well as New World gems from American makers. We source cheese made from sheep, cow, goat and buffalo milk that are made in different geographic regions and in different styles. 

The cheese in our cases may vary from week to week as the seasons change.  Our cheesemongers can point you towards new flavors and help you explore alternatives to your old favorites.  

If you are looking for a particular cheese, give us a call.  If we don't have it in stock, we might be able to get it. Our cut to order service helps you get cheese straight from the wheel, at its peak, and in the exact amount you need. 

Cheese is wrapped in special cheese paper so your selections make it home in the best possible condition. We label each cheese with its name and a brief description so you know what you have when you get home.

As a service to our customers, we record purchases under your name so you don’t have to worry about remembering what you bought last visit. We’ll be able to look it up for you.




Fromagio’s extensive collection of cured meats includes Italian prosciutto, the precious Iberico Bellota, and many different salami from makers around the country. 

Don't want pork?  How about duck proscuitto, pate or bresaola (cured beef).

No matter what you choose, we will slice it just the way each maker suggests so you can enjoy at its best.


Come visit us and taste! We are always looking for new cheese and other items to keep our cases interesting and keep you coming back for more.



Fromagio's carries a variety of complements that go beautifully with cheese and charcuterie. Choose from sweet and savory selections to make your cheese plate an extraordinary culinary experience.

Our housemade Fruit and Nuts Crisps, panforte, and Cheese Crackers are made to go with cheese.  We have marcona almonds from Spain, dried fruit, jams, sweet or savory spreads and chocolates from our favorite small farm producers,   

We carry cornichons, dwarf truffle peaches, raisins on the vine, mustards, and fruit spreads. 

We can even special order delicacies like truffles and fois gras.

Fromagio’s has everything for a special feast.


Fromagio's has gift cards available in any amount.  Perfect for any budget and always perfect for anyone to receive